INN 2.4 weirdness

bill davidsen davidsen at
Sat Jul 29 12:49:26 UTC 2000

In article <R2_REPOST_20000716231312.G8363 at> you write:
| First question:  Is it possible to start innd with perl filtering
| disabled from the commandline?  If so, I don't know how.

  I don't either, and I'd love to do that. I'd like to avoid having my
backup feeder recheck all the posts the master has accepted.

| Second, inn 2.4.0 from 09.Juli, am noticing some weirdness.  This
| is a transit-only box, so I have no overview defined.  However,
| when I ran news.daily nologs... by hand, the first thing it
| seemed to try to do was run expireover...  I had to kill that off
| to get anything more to happen.

  Are you sure daily is being called the way you think it is? I haven't
seen this on my transit servers.
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