mail2news for only 1 newsgroup

Peter Ekowicki pekowicki at
Mon Jul 17 12:16:49 UTC 2000

I am trying to setup a newsgroup to forward it's posts to a mailing
list.  It is working for the newsgroup, but is also sending posts to
other newsgroups to the same mailing list.  I've tried to restrict this,
but can't seem to get it to work.  The newsgroup is called tpmgroup.test
and the mailing list is tpmgroup-test at www-fmis.  Inn 2.2.2, Solaris 2.6.

Here are the appropriate lines from the newsfeeds file:
# news to mail gateway
tpmgroup-test at!

Here is the file:
tpmgroup-test at       
tpmgroup-test at

Any help is much appreciated.


Peter Ekowicki
Unix Administrator
Fairchild Semiconductor
ph 207.775.4518

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