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Scott Russell scottrus at
Mon Jul 17 22:26:20 UTC 2000

Peter -

I found the same problem and ended up ditching the script INN provides and
using the newsgate package, but not without problems as well. Eventually I
used mailpost from the INN contrib to do mail -> news and the news2mail C
program from newsgate to do the news -> mail gateway.

The mailpost script from INN will have to hacked a bit since the -r and -f
command line options fail to work and you need something unique in your
Path: header or new2mail will send the message back to the mailing list
creating a mail loop.

The news2mail C program from the newsgate package works fine. Here's my
newsfeeds for the two lists I gated. (Nothing else is needed)\
        /usr/bin/news2mail ltc-test ltc-test ltc-test-request\\
        /usr/bin/news2mail ibm-linux-tech ibm-linux-tech\

It was 4 days of pain to learn INN and setup a bidirectional gate for
these two groups but it appears to be working as of 2pm today. I am
however expecting to have to tweak stuff more.

BTW, who maintains the newsgate package hosted at It needs some
seirous help and all though I don't have the time to maintian it I would
like to contribute to it.

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