INN 2.2 throughput

Forrest J. Cavalier III mibsoft at
Tue Jul 18 17:13:57 UTC 2000

> All
> Is there a way with INN 2.1/2.2 to findout the delay between when an 
> article is received to when that article is sent. That is what is the delay 
> from when INN accepts the article to when it forwards the article spec to 
> innfeed.

You can use the INN timers to  see how long it takes to process
articles on average.  

INN dispatches articles one by one.  Taking the time delta between
one particular article entry in the news log file and the next give
you an idea of individual article processing.

But the situation is more complicated than that. INN dispatches
articles one by one, but at any given time, it can be receiving
data from all peers.  Once an article is complete, it is dispatched.

Then the O/S must deliver the data to innfeed through a pipe, which
is buffered, and innfeed must get around to offering the article.

Also, throughput is different than latency.  Which is more important to

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