Modifying the body of an article

greg andruk supersede at
Thu Jul 20 10:20:39 UTC 2000

In nnfolder+Mail:inn-workers, Bartosz Maruszewski <bart at> wrote:

> But here arises a question: How do I distinguish between
> self-approving articles (which are to be saved in "spam/")
> and articles which are to be posted (after moderation) ?

To allow only certain posters to approve articles, you can employ the
$user variable in the nnrpd filter (if it is set), or examine
NNTP-Posting-Host: or X-Trace: to restrict use of the Approved: header
to certain hosts.

[The INN 2.4 branch has a new readers.conf option to accomplish pretty
much the same thing, but it is still expermental and subject to change.]

Another possibility would be to use rnews for final injection just
like in the nnrpd SPOOL option.

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