Modifying the body of an article

Forrest J. Cavalier III mibsoft at
Wed Jul 19 12:50:36 UTC 2000

> Why ? Where does the second version come from ? The server won't be
> connected to any other NEWS server and it won't exchange articles. It
> will be a standalone server. 

It has become common practice for users to run "personal" usenet
servers.  They obtain messages from a NEWS server by "pulling" (also
called sucking.)  And depending on their configuration, they
may also attempt to POST messages to other servers, leading to
the chance that they propagated other messages by mistake.

What greg was pointing out, is that you MUST NOT modify a
a valid Usenet article, no matter whether it was POSTED or
obtained from a peer server.  And especially DO NOT modify
the message-ID.

You seem determined to do this anyway.  Perhaps we can
convince you to either:
    - ensure that no one can get the modified articles via NNTP or 
      mail.  (Such as showing them on a WWW interface only.)


    - ensure that these articles are posted to locally-named
      newsgroups only,  They must not match a newsgroup name
      already in existence.  That way, if someone pulls an
      article from your server and accidentally propagates it,
      it won't be read anywhere.  (Although there still are
      problems with this, this cuts down on them.)

> And the ability to modify bodies is a
> MUST !

No it is not a "MUST".  

If you can't tolerate "offensive" words in the
article, reject the article.  There are many reasons
that a particular server rejects articles.  (Size,
too old, too many crossposts, etc.)  You will just
add a new reason, and this can easily be done in the
Perl filter.

Do not modify the article.  (Did we say this enough?)

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