problems with overview under storageapi in INN 2.2.2

Hubbard, Matt m.hubbard at
Wed Jul 26 11:08:57 UTC 2000


I'm hoping you'll be able to help me with two problems I'm having with CNFS
and overview.

The first problem is an issue raised by Vangelis Haniotakis (22/05/00) which
did not appear to be resolved.

The in the following situation:
inn.conf  :- storageapi: true
newsfeeds :- overview!:*:Tc,Ao,WhR,S30000:/usr/local/news/bin/overchan

And achieving a functional news server with articles stored in cyclic
buffers, news readers reading news just fine, and overview information
apparently going into the spool/uniover/<index>/overview files... all good
and well.

The first problem being:
The directory hierarchy of group elements is still being created under
spool/overview. I have the same problem, it's taking up space, and I was
under the impression that this method of storing the overview information
was completely replaced by the unified overview.

Vangelis said that deleting the directories broke news reading. I haven't
tried deleting them for fear of the same or that they'd just be recreated by
whatever process put them there in the first place.

Does anyone know if/what I am doing wrong? Or if this is the expected

The second problem:
My unified overview files, am I meant to be recreating them each week, or is
part of the news.daily meant to clear out the old entries?

As far as I can tell these files aren't being automatically refreshed /
"expired" or anything like that.

If this is meant to happen automatically, can someone tell me the
configuration settings that result in this happening?

If I'm to do this manually periodically, can someone tell me the correct
- throttle or pause the server?
- "makehistory -O" (any more flags I ought to throw in at the same time?)
- restart server

I imagine I am doing something wrong in both instances, but I've yet not
been able to find out what.

Thank you for your time and patience,

Matt Hubbard

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