backlog-newfile b0rked, or is it just me?

Strengstes Jugendverbot barry at
Sat Jun 3 19:51:52 UTC 2000

Salut!  Note spiffy high-speed pre-moistened disposable reply-to header!

Kinda an old snapshot, identifying itself as INN 2.3.0 (20000000410
preprelease), what I see is that a few hand-prepared backlog files
dumped into the backlog-directory are not being picked up by innfeed.
They've just been sitting there for four or five days now.

Anyone else seeing anything like this?  I've tweaked the innfeed,conf
files to wait no more than 60 seconds before checking for this file,
which works fine on other machines with older innfeed k0de.

Hmm, looking more closely, I see that the .output file time has
remained unchanged, and these are feeds that are currently inactive
on this feeder.  Does innfeed need the kick of an incoming article
before it will get around to checking hand-prepared backlogs for
that peer?

I am new to this business and I have no idea what I am doing.
Please be patient with my beginner-like questions.  Thank you.

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