Some additional remarks on 2.3

Process Pasteurized Fluffy Product supersede at
Sun Jun 4 02:29:29 UTC 2000

Strengstes Jugendverbot <barry at> wrote:

Have I ever mentioned that your hostname is just a wee bit disturbing?

> There can be a difference between what you can safely use in
> practice on your own machines, and the rigorously correct form
> that you'd use in a sample configuration, [...]

The exclusion was there to please a swerver that had control2.*
pseudogroups as part of a goofy experiment, so that pedantic little
exclusion had a real live use.

> If you really wanted to be pedantic, in order to avoid trying
> to handle the text messages that are regularly posted directly
> to groups control and control.alt.delete and such, you'd add
> the flag `AC',[...]

Yeah, but that junk was set up to work with 1.x too, so late model
feed flags were Not Allowed.


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