Some additional remarks on 2.3

Strengstes Jugendverbot barry at
Sat Jun 3 08:29:32 UTC 2000

On Wed 2465 Sep 1993, Bettina Fink wrote:

> >> #       :!*,control,control.*,!control.cancel\
> >> Why not "!*,control*,!control.cancel"?
> > controldata.test
> Ah, ok, didn't thought of that. But in practice, I've never
> seen a "real" group or hierarchy that started with "control"

There can be a difference between what you can safely use in
practice on your own machines, and the rigorously correct form
that you'd use in a sample configuration, that could easily
find use on a private swerver at Control Data that you'd have
no knowledge about.  The supplied examples should be conservative
and default to the latter.  Perhaps Control Data has been
trying really really hard to propagate their posts to the world,
with a subscription like `*,!control*,!junk'

If you really wanted to be pedantic, in order to avoid trying
to handle the text messages that are regularly posted directly
to groups control and control.alt.delete and such, you'd add
the flag `AC', which would restrict the articles matching to
only gen-u-wine cmsg-like control messages.  Then use of the
control* wildcard would be risk-free, at least in the inclusive
sense of which we speak.  The exclusive case hinted at above
(!control*) still needs full enumeration of the precise patterns
so as not to mistakenly cover desired wanted ones.

Yours in Anal Retentivity,
Father Fluffy

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