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Russ Allbery rra at
Mon Jun 5 00:24:37 UTC 2000

Russ Allbery <rra at Stanford.EDU> writes:

> I'm getting ready to land a bunch of miscellaneous stuff that I've been
> fiddling with into the CURRENT tree (and some of it into the STABLE
> tree).  The main part, and the part that will also go into STABLE, is a
> new library routine to generate a properly formatted Date header so that
> we can isolate the hackery that we have to use to get the right time
> zone, along with some new configure tests to support it.

I've gone ahead and checked the stuff I had into CURRENT so that people
can take a look at it.  lib/error.c are error handling routines designed
for command-line programs; it provides warn and die which work about like
their Perl counterparts and syswarn and sysdie to also add strerror
results.  See the comment at the beginning of the file.  lib/date.c will
be a collection of new date handling routines, currently providing only
the function makedate, which generates a Date header.

The new code currently isn't actually active except for convdate.  I'm
going to let it go a snapshot or two before activating the new code for
generation of Date headers in nnrpd and inews.  If folks could please test
convdate with the -d flag and also with the -l flag to use local time and
make sure that it produces correct Date headers in a variety of different
timezones on a variety of different platforms, I'd greatly appreciate it.

New docs for convdate coming shortly.

inn/defines.h is now in the tree and its definition of bool is being used;
please let inn-workers know if this causes any build failures.  I cleaned
up all the extra definitions of bool that were scattered all over the

I haven't checked anything into BETA yet and won't until the code tests
out in CURRENT.  Only lib/date.c and the configure tests for it are slated
for BETA, to replace the current OS-specific preprocessor stuff that we're
doing in nnrpd which has been problem-causing.

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