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Russ Allbery rra at
Mon Jun 5 18:08:48 UTC 2000

Aidan Cully <aidan at> writes:

> I think that because bool is a standard C++ type, its definition doesn't
> belong in an installed header file.  The exported function prototypes,
> declared variables, and structure definitions can all use 'int', or
> 'char', or 'inn_bool', or something...  Perl compatibility can be
> allowed by defining a 'bool' type in a header file that *doesn't* get
> installed.

That's certainly another option.  I was going for bool instead of int for
the self-documenting properties and since innfeed is already using it.
What do people think?  Should we define a bool if the compiler doesn't
have it (and define it in an installed header file so that we can write
accurate prototypes for the functions), define a boolean type under some
other name (and what name?), not use bool at all...?

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