Q: "cant lseek to -1 Undefined error: 0"

Chris J. Mutter cjm at terminal.sil.at
Tue Jun 6 19:57:57 UTC 2000


I got a problem with a new installed newsserver. System is FreeBSD4.0 (i386)
with around 250gigs CNFS spool. The server ran just fine for about 3weeks 
but now gives TONS of error messages in the news.err:

Jun  6 21:41:23 newsmaster-XX nnrpd[51166]: newsmaster-YY.xxxx.xxx cant lseek 
to -1 Undefined error: 0
Jun  6 21:41:24 newsmaster-XX last message repeated 3912 times

if I understand this correct it means that a client (via nntpcached) tries
to access a article which is not found on the inn-server.

So far we have traced that it seems that the active file got somehow 
out of sync:


--telnet nntp--
201 newsmaster-XX.xxxx.xxx InterNetNews NNRP server INN 2.2.2 13-Dec-1999 
ready (no posting).
group at.usenet
211 260 40908 41193 at.usenet
article 41100
423 Bad article number
--telnet nntp--

starting to run inn with a articled didnt change anything.

i also found out that cnfstat -a _hangs_ and eats up all CPU when it gets
to the *binaries* cycbuf which it didnt do at the beginning... the history
file is at about 2.2gig.

would it make any sense to upgrade to a more current inn??

thanks a lot for any help,
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