502: Authentication failure?

Steven Boothe steven at poiema.org
Wed Jun 7 16:40:43 UTC 2000

Greetings fellow workers:

I wonder if someone may have a helpful hint for me to get over my current bump
in the road to a working implementation?

I currently have a feed into a server with INN running and configured as a
centralized "single server" architecture (per Elena Samsonova's helpful guide).
(INN version 2.2.2 RPM on RedHat 6.2)

The problem(s):

When ever I attempt to connect with a newsreader from a workstation I get an
error stating either 502 or 480 "Authentication required..." and transfer

Also, when I go to check the /var/spool/news directories to verify if I am even
receiving any content, all of the directories are empty???

I am currently in the process of reading every bit of documentation I can get
my eyes on (I even bought the O'Reilly book last night), but if in the mean
time someone could offer any additional help, I would be very grateful...

Thanks so much in advance,

Steven Boothe steven at poiema.org http://www.poiema.org

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