Testing needed for the new date routines

Russ Allbery rra at stanford.edu
Tue Jun 13 06:53:09 UTC 2000

bobb <bobb+inn-workers at redbrick.dcu.ie> writes:
> Geoff Wilson hath declared on Friday the 09 day of June 2000  :-:

>> nntp at mired:/usr/local/apps/inn-2.4/bin > uname -a
>> FreeBSD mired.zark.thedonkeys.org 3.4-RELEASE FreeBSD 3.4-RELEASE #2: Sun Apr 16 08:57:49 EST 2000 mink at mired.zark.thedonkeys.org:/usr/src/sys/compile/MIRED  i386

> No change from 3.4 -> 4.0

Thanks, folks!  The help is greatly appreciated.

I've now activated the new code in the CURRENT branch; the next snapshot
will use the new routine in both nnrpd/post.c and frontends/inews.c to
generate local Date headers.  Call out if you see any problems; if there
aren't any problems for a few days, I'll move it into the BETA branch.

nnrpd/post.c is really ugly and badly needs some serious rewriting using a
dynamic string library.  I need to get back to working on mine.  What we
really want is a dynamic string that tracks both the allocated length and
the used length, and allows a string to be a "window" into another string
so that you can free the dynamic string and if it has its own memory it
frees it; otherwise, it does nothing to the memory.  That would clean up a
*lot* of code in nnrpd.

Ah well, one thing at a time.  Right now, I'm working on porting some
fixes to the STABLE branch for a 2.2.3 release and getting the rest of my
core library changes and the beginnings of the test suite into CURRENT.

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