Multiple overviews

Bill Davidsen davidsen at
Thu Jun 15 03:22:30 UTC 2000

  For various reasons I would like to have several "world views" of a
single article base. To some extent any partial view will be imperfect,   
since articles not in overview will still be available to some degree, but
the intent is pruning articles which the user doesn't want to see, not    
  That clarified, is there any reason I can't send a subset of articles to
overchan, and force overchan to use another directory other than the one  
used by innd, and start an nnrpd daemon pointing at a config file using   
that overview...
  In other words, is it possible by clever (or warped) config to do this,
without having to generate new code which is unlikely to be of use or
interest to most people, read as "anyone else on earth", or is it just a
passing fancy? And what flavors of overview does overchan support?

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