Small bug in the INN code (BerkleyDB and FreeBSD)

Katsuhiro Kondou kondou at
Thu Jun 15 02:21:31 UTC 2000

Just notify this to Heath in case he's not in inn-bugs.

In article <200006131208.QAA15025 at>,
	Alex Semenyaka <alexs at> wrote;

} Hi!
} There is a small note. INN compiled with --with-berkleydb requires new
} version of the Berkley DB packages which can be installed from the FreeBSD
} ports collection or from the pre-compiled packages set. And here we have a
} small problem, since the include files for Berkley DB will be installed to
} /usr/local/include/db2/. This path for included file cannot be (as far as I
} understand) provided by the value PATH of --with-berkleydb=PATH option since
} the db.h will be searched in PATH/include/.
} The workaround is extremely simple: under FreeBSD instead of <db.h> use
} <db2/db.h>. Solution, of course, should be portable but I just start to
} play with INN and did not learn it's style so cannot provide code in
} 'INN-style'. Hope it will be easy.
} Thank you,
} Sincerely Yours, Alex Semenyaka
} System Administrator
} Cronyx Plus ISP

Katsuhiro Kondou

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