INND 2.3/.4 article troubles on Linux

Katsuhiro Kondou kondou at
Tue Jun 20 06:38:44 UTC 2000

In article <200006191431.JAA19439 at>,
	Tony Mumm <tonym at> wrote;

} [908D73C8647980A1C08E7AC812E0BDE0]      961422317~-~961422317
} [73FB28D9FD2A7C234C7A1ACCE3CCE55E]      961422454~-~961422284   @030062756631000
} 000000000000000000000@
} Anyone have any idea why the middle one would not have a token?

I suspect that is due to cancel article.

# grephistory -l '[908D73C8647980A1C08E7AC812E0BDE0]'
[908D73C8647980A1C08E7AC812E0BDE0]	961422594~-~961422189	@030254485245450000000012B2560000013B@

Posted time of yours is a bit later.

} No token... but they appear maybe expiry did that ?

Those will be kept until /remember/ in expire.ctl.
Katuhiro Kondou

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