INND 2.3/.4 article troubles on Linux

Tony Mumm tonym at
Mon Jun 19 14:31:17 UTC 2000

[news at zeus db]$ ../bin/sm @030062756632000000000000000000000000@
Could not retrieve @030062756632000000000000000000000000

Hmm...nothing appears in the logs from this failure.  Just not
able to retreive article.

I have a couple of thoughts if someone could help me out:

1)  What is the minimum size that a cycbuff file can be ?  Is
there even a minimum?

2)  The history file seems to be getting rewritten without the
token.  I did a make history and rebuilt it, and now some of the
lines do not have a token.  for example:  

[3D58105AEC6E4507D42B8290DF340882]      961421728~-~961421762   @030062756632000
[908D73C8647980A1C08E7AC812E0BDE0]      961422317~-~961422317
[73FB28D9FD2A7C234C7A1ACCE3CCE55E]      961422454~-~961422284   @030062756631000

Anyone have any idea why the middle one would not have a token?

Most of the history entires look like this:

[4AE7A88F59030717502A319AAC384867]      961080301~-
[7CFF1B49E380B590B8A0F2CD4BAC2A03]      961080367~-
[81ECE1C8797D78343C84E8735821C768]      961080492~-

No token... but they appear maybe expiry did that ?


 Katsuhiro Kondou <kondou at>
>In article <200006161512.KAA08487 at>,
>	Tony Mumm <tonym at> wrote;
>} This is really getting weird... it has to be more than just
>} a overview problem.  Everything that I attempt to feed out
>} via innfeed ends up as "missing".  I didn't think that innfeed
>} really cared about overview.
>} What are others having for experience on 2.3 beta ?  Seems like
>} many people are running it... it shouldn't be this hard to install.
>Hm, your problem is in retrieving article.  Can you
>retrieve some of articles by 'sm'?
>Katsuhiro Kondou

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