20000620 Under Linux

Geoff Wilson gmwils at zark.thedonkeys.org
Wed Jun 21 14:41:06 UTC 2000

I was just wondering if anyone else had seen many problems with 20000620 BETA
running under linux. I'm only responsible for the actual software/config of
our news server, and we have been having issues with the machine overheating.
Thus, the problems I'm experiencing with INN I can't make sure that they are a
product of the hardware problem or a software issue.

Anyway, under FreeBSD I haven't had any major problems with the BETA releases
(aside from noted problems in inn-workers), however, under Linux weird things
have been going on. There are the occasional nnrpd processes that result in a
memory leak of some description. Top shows them chewing up more and more
memory until system resources are completely out. Unfortunately, I haven't
been able to track this too well, as with one process stealing all of the
memory, the box doesn't respond too well to user commands.

Has anyone had similar problems with nnrpd or libinn under Linux? Any help
would be appreciated, so I can focus my attention as to where to look for the
problem, and to verify that it exists. At the moment, I'm trying to find a set
of conditions that will actually repeat the memory stealing behavior.


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