inn-BETA-20000620 under linux

Geoff Wilson gmwils at
Wed Jun 21 15:21:44 UTC 2000

I'm seeing some odd problems under linux with the 2.3 betas. There seems to be
a problem with allocating memory for articles. The symptoms tend to include
the process chewing up heaps of memory.

group alt.test
211 2029 796219 804567 alt.test
223 796758 <394F9EE2.C58819AE at> Article retrieved; request text
423 Bad article number
cnfs.c:1353 Can't malloc 1852142638 bytes: Cannot allocate memoryConnection
closed by foreign host.

It only seems to occur on articles that were from before the upgrade. (Was
previously on 2.2.2, ran makehistory -O as outlined in the makehistory man
page, including the rejected article hashes). I was getting a similar message
from innfeed when it tried to process old articles that were yet to be fed.
Clearing out ~news/spool/innfeed and then restarting has stopped the error

The innfeed errors went to ~news/log/innfeed.log. I'm using tradindexed
overview and CNFS exlusively. Linux 2.2.13 / Slackware distribution.

After *much* effort I can now get this error to repeat, as it only occurs on
some older articles. So far I have not had this problem with articles that
were fed into the server post the upgrade.

Has anyone had similar problems or want to hazard a guess as to where the
problem is, or just has something else I can try out to provide more
information. Otherwise it should be a matter of waiting for teh buffers to
roll over ;)


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Geoff M. Wilson <gmwils at>

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