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Russ Allbery rra at
Sat Jun 24 01:14:14 UTC 2000

ADAM Sulmicki <adam at> writes:

> 	I'm trying to setup bidirectional gateway between a mailing list
> 	(majordomo) and a news group (inn). I have setup both of them on
> 	my server. I use 'mailpost' and 'news2mail' programs which come
> 	with inn to implement the bi-dir gateway.


> Now, the news2mail. I have something like this in 'newsfeeds' file:

> 	n2m!:!*:Tc,Ac,Wn*:/usr/local/inn/bin/news2mail
> 	test-list-n2-gw at!
> 	umlug-list-n2-gw at!

> Where 'my.domain' is my actual domain. In '' file I have:

> 	umlug at    um-linux at some.other.domain
> 	test at      test at my.domain

> where again 'my.domain' is my actual domain.

> Now there are two problems:
> 	1) when I post a message to newsgroup, say 'eax.test'
> 	it gets emailed to _both_ lists 'umlug' and 'test'.
> 	The email should be forwarded to 'test' list __only__,
> 	I have no idea why it spills over the other list.

I have no idea why this is happening, I'm afraid.  :/  Did you ever manage
to solve this problem?

> 	2) since there's mail2news, once the email is sent to this list it
> 	is forwarded back to news server for posting.  According to manual
> 	the 'mailpost' should silently drop such dupplicate
> 	emails. However, it does not instead I get error emails like the
> 	one below:

> Subject: mailpost failure (eax.test): inews failed: Can't send article
> to the server:    441 Can't set system "X-Trace" header (Article not posted.)

news2mail wasn't stripping X-Trace (although it was stripping other
similar trace headers).  Just now fixed in BETA and CURRENT.

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