bad article removal

Russ Allbery rra at
Sat Jun 24 01:55:58 UTC 2000

Jon Mansey <jon at> writes:

> I appear to be continually trying to send an art with a bad message 
> ID to all my peers who are correctly rejecting it with a 439.

> My question is how do I remove this article from my spool and thus 
> from innfeeds queues?

ctlinnd cancel 'message-id' may work, although with long message IDs, it
may not fit in the local UDP packet.  :/  Upgrading to INN 2.3 will also
work, as the innfeed there knows enough to reject excessively long message

> Why didnt I reject it when it came to me I wonder?

INN was accepting message IDs of arbitrary length; that's now been fixed
in all branches.

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