INN 2.3 BETA 20000511 "make update" manpages -- bug with FreeBSD

Russ Allbery rra at
Sat Jun 24 02:11:15 UTC 2000

Roy Hooper <rhooper at> writes:

> For INN-2.3 BETA 20000511,

> the .OLD manpages that are kept around as ~news/man/*/*.OLD after a make
> update are confusing to FreeBSD (4.0)'s man command, as it finds both
> and displays both:

Hm.  One obvious solution to that would be to not save backup copies of
any of the man pages on make update.  I'm not sure what I think about

I generally restart the server after make update, watch the logs for a
while to make sure everything looks reasonable, and then do:

    cd ~news
    find -name "*.OLD" -print | xargs rm

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