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Russ Allbery rra at
Sat Jun 24 02:12:38 UTC 2000

Jean-Michel BESNARD <jmbesnard at> writes:

> I search a solution to have no more news than for example 100 per group.
> (if it is not possible, it is not really the problem I can do also do
> that with expire ...).  So, in fact, I would like to have a possibility
> to read the old news without they stay in the group.

> Is it for example possible to send all the expires news in an other
> group. For example all news form a.b.c wich are older than a week will
> be moved to the group a.b.c.old.

What we do here at Stanford is run a cron job nightly that copies articles
out of traditional spool into an archive area in AFS, and then let regular
expire take care of expiring the older ones out of the spool.  That way,
all the articles are still in the archive in AFS and we can grep through
them as necessary, but they're no longer kept on the news server.

I've thought about instead moving them to an archive newsgroup, but that
requires the ability to move articles between groups, which requires the
history API rewrite that I haven't gotten to yet.

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