Newbie Question?

Russ Allbery rra at
Sat Jun 24 02:49:17 UTC 2000

Casey Mueller <casey at> writes:

> The upstream provider that we are with recommneds that if we are
> requesting over 100 preferred groups to just take a full feed.

Your upstream provider really should be better about feeding you just what
you want rather than wasting your bandwidth on a bunch of stuff you
definitely don't want.  :/

> So this is what we have from them currently. I'm not sure if what i'm
> actually trying to do is possible. I would think it is though. I would
> like to filter out binaries and other things basically and allow other
> things in. This is all done in newsfeeds on the ME entry i'm assuming? I
> dont really know for sure...

The ME entry in newsfeeds only affects *outgoing* feeds.

INN won't accept any message to a newsgroup that isn't contained in its
active file; the problem is that you have to receive the entire article
before you can make that determination.  There really isn't any cure for
that at your end.  Unless your upstream provider is willing to tune the
feed they're giving you according to what groups you actually want,
they'll be wasting a bunch of your incoming bandwidth to feed you articles
you're then going to throw away.

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