Newbie Question?

Casey Mueller casey at
Fri Jun 16 16:10:23 UTC 2000

  The upstream provider that we are with recommneds that if we are
requesting over 100 preferred groups to just take a full feed. So this is
what we have from them currently. I'm not sure if what i'm actually trying
to do is possible. I would think it is though. I would like to filter out
binaries and other things basically and allow other things in. This is all
done in newsfeeds on the ME entry i'm assuming? I dont really know for


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To prevent spool overflow, either set expirations in your
expire.ctl file, or use CNFS for your spool (it will simply
wrap around when it runs out of space).

To control what you get, provide your upstream peer with a
feed spec (comp.*,news.*,rec.* or whatever) and make sure
you have those groups in your newsfeeds file (use ctlinnd to
add or delete groups)



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