inn & nntpcache logs processing

Matus "fantomas" Uhlar uhlar at
Sat Jun 24 09:30:36 UTC 2000

-> > does anyone run inn with nntpcache?
-> > do you process nntpcache logs? how?
-> > innreport doesn't seem to do it and when I looked at it it looked awfully.
-> > seems it would be very hard to patch it to process nntpcache logs too;
-> > should i use instead of it ? (at least i can easyly patch it)
-> It shouldn't be *too* hard to teach innreport how to parse another log
-> type provided that it looks like a syslog or an INN news log.  You should
-> just be able to add another block of code in

I've already looked at but it looked horrible for me that
time. That's the reason why i asked for this. Seems nobody is using that so
i have to start :(
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