The infamous to-do list

Richard Todd rmtodd at
Sat Jun 24 22:10:57 UTC 2000

In message <yl3dm3tmpd.fsf at>, Russ Allbery writes:
>I've just checked this into CURRENT.  There are plenty of unclaimed
>projects; volunteers are always welcome.  Send mail to inn-workers if you
>want to claim anything, and feel free to offer any additions to this list.

A minor comment...

>* innfeed breaks Xref slaving if it ever goes to a backlog, since it then
>  starts sending articles out of order and most of the overview methods
>  can't deal with this.  There should be a configuration option that would
>  cause it to spool any new articles if there's a backlog and always
>  process the backlog in order.  [Sven Paulus had a preliminary patch for

Um, AFAIK both tradindexed and buffindexed have no problem with being
fed article data out of order; I don't know about ovdb.  I always understood
that the primary problem with this was not that overview would get confused,
but that readers on the slave server which connected at a time when article
n+2 made it there, but not articles n and n+1, would assume that articles
n and n+1 had been canceled and thus the readers would never show them even
if you connected later after those articles made it to the slave server.  

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