cant dbzstore

Russ Allbery rra at
Mon Jun 26 03:14:59 UTC 2000

Guy Roelant <on1bhm at> writes:

> I don't have a news/db directory.. but i guess thats normal in 2.2.2

Where's your history file then?

> just to build the dbz files from an existing text file, use the '-r'
> flag.  the -i or -s flags can be useful if there are no valid dbz files
> to use.

Do you have an existing history file?  I didn't think you did.

> so i issued a 'makehistory -i -r' : he builded the history.n.dir and
> history.n.pag files but where are my dbz files?

Those are the dbz files; rename them to remove the .n part of the name for
INN to be able to use them.

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