The infamous to-do list

Olaf Titz olaf at
Mon Jun 26 10:21:14 UTC 2000

> Wouldn't most dial-in users already be using the built-in modem
> compression, rendering it a minimal gain?

Modem compression is less efficient than application level compression
for two reasons:
- Modem buffers are smaller, limiting the compression rate
- A pure data stream (e.g. an active file) is more compressible than a
  data stream frequently intermixed with TCP/IP headers.

IMHO modem compression is much less useful nowadays than in the past,
when modems mainly ran text terminal connections and application
compression was uncommon (except for UUCP).

> And users on faster connections (DSL and stuff), the thing cruises down in
> almost no time...

ISDN isn't that fast either. Furthermore, fat pipes are not an excuse
for inefficient protocols IMHO.


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