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Matus "fantomas" Uhlar uhlar at
Mon Jun 26 14:07:37 UTC 2000

-> One thing I've been thinking about is adding a support for downloading
-> compressed lists. Since the amount of newsgroups is increasing permanently,
-> downloading the active and the newsgroups file - which most newsreaders do
-> after connecting to an NNTP server for the first time - takes quite some
-> time, especially via dialup lines.

I think compression should be added to whole protocol, not just for
downloading the lists. Maybe using something like ssl but compressed.

and, maybe compression could be used for storing articles too ;)
I know this was discussed many times but i still have an idea how could that

-> Any comments regarding this idea? I think customers reading news via
-> connections without compression on IP- or lower levels would really benefit
-> from this. Of course client support is needed for this, but if major NNTP
-> server software packages like INN and Diablo provide compressed lists, the
-> possibility that clients would pick up this (optional) feature might be
-> there.

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