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Forrest J. Cavalier III mibsoft at
Tue Jun 27 13:29:21 UTC 2000

[Russ, did Barry's message go to inn-workers?  I never got it.]

Barry, you probably want to look at the tree available through:

The URL may be misleading but the CVSup checkout tag used is '.',
which means the latest and greatest.  (At least the latest!)

(Knowing Barry's tendency for local hacks, he will not want to use
HTTPsync, since it replaces local changes.)


Russ, I think that cvsweb is not such a big project.  There
may be other reasons to not do it, but if I understand, it is
just one Perl CGI.

If security is an issue, then CVSup can be used to get a tree

Russ wrote:
> Just Another Victim of the Danish Usenet Afrydder-Mafia
> <barry at> writes:
> > On 25 Jun 19100, Russ Allbery wrote:
> >> There have been a few questions in the past about how to use CVSup to
> >> obtain the latest version of the INN sources (or to get the entire CVS
> > Is it also possible to browse the entire source tree for any of the
> > present branches, for, say someone who just wants to check the
> > modification time of a certain file (say, f'rinstance, nnrpd/post.c) but
> > who doesn't want to download either a whole tarball (slow link, not
> > enough disk space) or use cvsup (not enough disk space to hold both a
> > locally-hacked copy and the up-to-date source where cvsup overwrites
> > local hacks)?
> > This would be like, um, just as an example, some of the kernel source at
> >
> > Just wondering.  It's ... um ... for a friend...
> Unfortunately, it would be a bit tricky to do that at due to the
> way the security is set up (and I'm not sure of disk space and the like).
> CVS also isn't very good at preserving modification times, so I'm not sure
> if something done on top of CVSup would work well.  What one really wants
> for this is cvsweb, but that would be a big project in its own right.
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