Perl filtering

Dickon Hood dickon.hood at
Fri Jun 30 15:32:53 UTC 2000

I'm having some *real* problems with Perl filtering on innd 2.2.2.
Basically, any filter which 'use'es something non-trivial (eg, 'use lib'
and 'use strict' work, but 'use IO::Socket' doesn't) kills the daemon,
whether invoked from startup or ctlinnd reload.

trussing the process suggests that Perl is dying after writing 'panic:
top_env' to stderr.  Looking through the Perl source has left me somewhat
unenlightened, and I'm now getting rather stuck.  Perl 5.004_04, inn
2.2.2, Solaris 7 on 64-bit Ultras.  Freshly compiled from source about a
fortnight ago.

Anyone seen this before, or have any idea what the problem is?

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