Problem with e-mails from the daemon

Russ Allbery rra at
Tue May 2 02:24:51 UTC 2000

Andrés <andres at> writes:

>>> I've done my best but I still can't make the e-mails created form my INN
>>> daemon to reach anywhere.  Every few days INN sends an e-mail to
>>> mailto:news at, the problem is that my Qmail daemon can't
>>> deliver the e-mail

>> What error messages?  Do you have a .qmail-news file in ~alias?  What's
>> in it?

> I tried to use one, but it didn't work.

What error messages?  What's in it?

You really have to give us more information to debug your problem.  (It's
probably not an INN problem, and the qmail mailing list may be a better
place to ask, but as I use qmail on all of my news servers I can probably
answer your question if you can give me enough information to debug your

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