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I got the same message before I removed ALL the trailing spaces in
storage.conf and spaces between ":" and cycbuff names in cycbuff.conf. You
have to check whether there are any discordant things between those two
files. syslog messages usually tell you where the problem is. They either
tell you what line number is the problematic one or what cycbuff or
metacycbuff is suffering from a disharmony.

One other possibility is that you may have left a trailing space in inn.conf
after "storageapi: true" line. This can be catched with "'inncheck" command.

Good luck.


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Date: 01 Mayýs 2000 Pazartesi 23:56
Subject: New and need help

>I'm pretty certain that this has been up in discussion many times, but
>since I'm new, I ask for patience.
>Installing INN release 2.2.2 on a Sun Ultra Enterprise 1 system with 256
>Mb RAM under Solaris 2.6.
>I have a Hitachi RAID attached to my Sun.  The RAID box has 2x 15Gb
>RAID's in them mounted as:
>I'm trying to set-up 3 cnfs buffers (I used dd to create the large, zero
>filled files):
>/raid1/ALTS (5.0 Gb) for alt.*
>/raid2/BINARIES (10Gb) for alt.binaries.*
>/raid2/APPLICATIONS (5 Gb) for comp.binaries.*
>(The remaining 10Gb in /raid1 is for the rest of the NNTP feed).
>When I run makehistory -i (after defining the cycbuffs and metacycbuffs
>in the cycbuffs.conf file and having defined these buffers in the
>storage.conf file), my result after runing makehistory -i is this:
>Can't initialize storage manager:  one or more storage methods failed
>What exactly did I do wrong?  I know I followed along perfectly from the
>INSTALL file as well as printed out all the pertinent man pages
>(storage.conf, inn.conf, cycbuff.conf, expires.ctl, etc.)
>Here is an example from the cycbuff.conf file:
>Here is an example from the storage.conf file:
>method cnfs {
>            class: 1
>            newsgroups: alt.*
>            size: 0,3999
>            expires: 0s,4d
>            options: TEXT
>Thank you in advance,
>Layne Meier
>Network/Internet Analyst
>Atlanta Newspapers

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