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Layne Meier lmeier at
Mon May 1 20:55:21 UTC 2000

I'm pretty certain that this has been up in discussion many times, but
since I'm new, I ask for patience.

Installing INN release 2.2.2 on a Sun Ultra Enterprise 1 system with 256
Mb RAM under Solaris 2.6.

I have a Hitachi RAID attached to my Sun.  The RAID box has 2x 15Gb
RAID's in them mounted as:

I'm trying to set-up 3 cnfs buffers (I used dd to create the large, zero
filled files):
/raid1/ALTS (5.0 Gb) for alt.*
/raid2/BINARIES (10Gb) for alt.binaries.*
/raid2/APPLICATIONS (5 Gb) for comp.binaries.*
(The remaining 10Gb in /raid1 is for the rest of the NNTP feed).

When I run makehistory -i (after defining the cycbuffs and metacycbuffs
in the cycbuffs.conf file and having defined these buffers in the
storage.conf file), my result after runing makehistory -i is this:

Can't initialize storage manager:  one or more storage methods failed

What exactly did I do wrong?  I know I followed along perfectly from the
INSTALL file as well as printed out all the pertinent man pages
(storage.conf, inn.conf, cycbuff.conf, expires.ctl, etc.)

Here is an example from the cycbuff.conf file:


Here is an example from the storage.conf file:

method cnfs {
            class: 1
            newsgroups: alt.*
            size: 0,3999
            expires: 0s,4d
            options: TEXT

Thank you in advance,
Layne Meier
Network/Internet Analyst
Atlanta Newspapers

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