INN config file parsing infrastructure

Todd Olson tco2 at
Fri May 5 16:36:18 UTC 2000

Hi Russ

> > And in the case of something like readers.conf it a tool that let you on
> > the command line enter a particular address & and userid and show how
> > they were rejected or accepted by the different stanzas would be a
> > useful debugging tool.
>That's separate from the configuration file parser.  The reader
>authentication code in nnrpd has that information, not the configuration
>file parser; the config file parser knows nothing about semantics, only
>syntax.  It just generates a list of groups containing parameters with
>known types; it has no idea how that information will be used or what it's
>related to.

Ah ... yes ... I see.
So as a separate suggestion, the part of nnrpd that takes the does the
semantics should be written so that a separate commandline validator
can be built against it to do what I suggested above.

> > While I'm at it a similar sort of tool for testing particular newsgroup
> > names against wildmats (eg in incoming.conf) would be useful for testing
> > and developing wildmats.
>Reworking wildmat some is on my list, but I'm trying not to start too many
>things at once.  :)

Wise fellow you are.

But the same basic idea hold here as for the nnrpd comment
a commandline validation tool built against the same semantic code would
be very helpful to the administrator.

Todd Olson
Cornell University

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