mailpost failure...

Russ Allbery rra at
Mon May 8 23:57:25 UTC 2000

Dimitris Bibikas <jmb at> writes:

> I 'm trying to use the mailpost program
> for mail2news gateway.

> But when I send an email 
> I get the following error msg:

> inews failed: sh: /news/bin/inews: cannot execute

> The aliases set-up is correct
> and there is the right link in the 
> /usr/adm/sm.bin directory for mailpost... 

> Any thoughts?

inews is normally executable only by group news.  If you need other
accounts to be able to run inews, you'll need to make it owned by news,
group news, and mode 2711 (setgid news).  Configuring INN using the flag
--enable-setgid-inews will do this for you.

Unfortunately sendmail doesn't make it easy to run commands for incoming
mail as another user.  Using qmail, Postfix, or one of the other MTAs, I'd
recommend instead making sure that mail2news runs as news so that you
don't have to change any file permissions.

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