New setup question from me

Jan Rockstedt jan.rockstedt at
Fri May 19 08:22:09 UTC 2000

Hi all again !

First Thanks to Igor and Elena for helping me with the md5 filter. :-)

New question.

1.) Is it posible to set userid/password on some group on the same host ?

2.) My custumer on our privat inn server wan't to be a moderator on some
(he wan't to remove mails).
Is this posible without login to our Linux (he is runing pc/win
reader/outlook) ?

Regards Jan Rockstedt from sunny Sweden

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address: Datarutin Media AB
address: Box 125
address: S-201 21 Malmo
address: Sweden
phone: +46 40 73120
nic-hdl: JR1543-RIPE
source: RIPE
"May the source be with you''

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