CNFS and overview

Vangelis Haniotakis haniotak at
Tue May 23 07:42:19 UTC 2000

On Tue, 23 May 2000, Katsuhiro Kondou wrote:

> In article <Pine.OSF.4.21.0005221350560.15529-100000 at>,
> 	Vangelis Haniotakis <haniotak at> wrote;
> } /news/spool/uniover. The files under /news/spool/overview don't 
> } get expired of course, as the storage_api is set to true in inn.conf, 
> If your inn.conf includes 'storage_api: true', not 'storageapi: true',
> the problem you saw happens.

 In that case I guess innd would throw an error message or two, and
perhaps not load at all - I don't really want to find out. 

 Yes, I meant storageapi: true, and the underscore was added out of
 '/news/bin/ctlinnd checkfile' returns Ok, by the way, so I guess 
there are no syntax errors in the configuration files, just
logical ones. 

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