replaced drive with CNFS buffers.

Katsuhiro Kondou kondou at
Tue Oct 10 21:25:02 UTC 2000

In article <Pine.BSF.4.21.0010031612540.290-100000 at>,
	Jaye Mathisen <mrcpu at> wrote;

} Do I have to do a makehistory to rebuild history?  Or is there something
} that will run, and verify that each existing history entry exists in the
} CNFS buffer, and expire overdata appropriately?  (As opposed to reading
} all the CNFS buffers and creating a new history, which I would assume
} can't run concurrently with a running system).
} I had to replace a drive containing some CNFS buffers, and so I created
} new empty ones.  Now I'm afraid that the overview data and the history
} entries for the data in those CNFS buffers will hang around until the end
} of time.

If you mean 'replace' as not changing its path, size and
name, you'll get tons of expire log when the next expire
runs.  But even you change those, you still get them.
It'd be happy for you to run makehistory in both case, I
Katsuhiro Kondou

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