Load problems with 2.3 server.

Przemyslaw Maciuszko sal at tpi.pl
Mon Oct 16 08:22:37 UTC 2000

On Mon, 16 Oct 2000, Simon Lyall wrote:

> I've heard general word that it's a perfomance hit, do other people know
> how much on a production machine? I'd reaslly hate to have to do this
> especially when the machine (I think) should be able to handle 200 readers
> and 100GB/day in it's current config fairly easily. I'm sure I have missed
> something simple.
Don't be so sure that this hardware would have such performance.
Especially that 200 concurrent readers would have performance meaning.
I've spotted that there is some point at which more readers is getting down
the overall daily volume.

Przemyslaw Maciuszko
TP Internet

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