Load problems with 2.3 server.

Simon Lyall simon.lyall at ihug.co.nz
Mon Oct 23 22:49:50 UTC 2000

Just to let people know how this turned out. I switched to tagged-hash
(with anotherbox in front to be a news router) and also recompiled with
--enable-libtool . 

However the main problem appeared to be that I had nnrpdcheckart set to
"true", I switched this to false (and killed any nntpds that were hanging
around after the restart) and things appear to be much more stable.

Innd has settled on 650-800MB in size which leaves me a couple of hundred
megabytes worth of spare ram before I hit swap. Load is under 1 almost all
the time and I'm in the process of increasing the feed size and reader

I'm now almost temped to switch my main news router to innd since a diablo
bug has been giving me problems for a couple of months. Thanks very much
to the people who emailed suggestions.

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