expire and history format

Igor Timkin ivt at gamma.ru
Sun Oct 22 12:41:12 UTC 2000

I see in expire.c a lot of:
	where = Offset;
	(void)fprintf(out, "%s%c%s\n", fields[0], HIS_FIELDSEP, fields[1]);
	Offset += strlen(fields[0]) + 1 + strlen(fields[1]) + 1;
and plan to replace with:
	where = ftell(out);
	(void)fprintf(out, "%s%c%s\n", fields[0], HIS_FIELDSEP, fields[1]);
to reduce CPU's load. inn/his.c use this construction.

And second and main. What's about to convert history to binary format ?
History has fix format line. I has pathes (not full) against current-199904XX.
Binary format will reduce CPU/disk/VM usage and simplify C code.
Instead of
[63A81CBDFBBFC59D22700429B1D2F98D]	971839628~-	(47 bytes)
[6FD6EEEC13E5C6CC8E6B3019375325C7]	972217961~-~972215626	@0304627566313100000000C4246A00000057@	(96 bytes)
I plan to use:
typedef struct _HIS_LINE {
    HASH                hash;
    unsigned long       arrived;
    unsigned long       expires;
    unsigned long       posted;
    TOKEN               token;
If answer "yes" I'll make pathes and test this patch set
on my {news,news1,newsfeed}.gamma.ru before sending to inn-pathes.

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