2.3 getting caught in tight Perl regex loop?

Brandon Hume hume at Den.BOFH.Halifax.NS.Ca
Wed Oct 25 13:05:12 UTC 2000

> >The article which was being processed at the time was:
> >        <8t5ic5$9hp$1 at FreeBSD.csie.NCTU.edu.tw>

> No! It hit me today, too! But I'm running INN 2.2.3.
> After deactivating the cleanfeed filters I was able to get over those articles.

I don't use cleanfeed itself, but I do use some cut'n'pasted bits of 
cleanfeed's anti-binary filtering.

After the third "jam" today, I went into my filters and commented/cut out
all bits of perl that dealt with __BODY__, including the cleanfeed parts.

The article I mentioned above was just seen and rejected in a perfectly
normal manner (unwanted newsgroup).

Also, when I attached gdb to the running (and spinning) innd process, I 
noticed that the regmatch() calls were operating on the body of the message.

So, I suspect that there is some kind of killer article out there that is
driving the INN perl filters wacky.  Unfortunately, I don't have the bodies
or header.  I'm using perl 5.004_04 linked into INN 2.3.0.

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