2.3 getting caught in tight Perl regex loop?

Wolfgang Breyha wbreyha at gmx.net
Wed Oct 25 12:33:17 UTC 2000

At 06:18 25.10.2000 -0300, you wrote:

>Twice in the past two days I've had to kill innd and restart it, because it
>had appeared to get caught in a very tight, endless loop in the Perl
>filtering code.  When I caught the problem just now, the call stack was 194
>levels deep, ~188 levels of that just being the Perl regex match function
>called from PLArtfilter.
>The article which was being processed at the time was:
>        <8t5ic5$9hp$1 at FreeBSD.csie.NCTU.edu.tw>
>Am I alone in seeing this?

No! It hit me today, too! But I'm running INN 2.2.3.
After deactivating the cleanfeed filters I was able to get over those articles.

BTW, are there newer revisions of cleanfeed out there?

Mine are Version 0.95.7b  3 September 1998 from http://www.exit109.com/~jeremy/news/cleanfeed.html

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