[2.3] lowmark

Heath Kehoe heath.kehoe at intermec.com
Fri Sep 1 16:30:37 UTC 2000

>Katsuhiro Kondou <kondou at nec.co.jp> wrote:
>> } I've tried news.daily with and without "lowmark" option, I've tried
>> } "ctlinnd renumber" manually. lowmark is still 309. Why?
>> Renumber is adjusted by overview.  And lowmark file is
>> created when expireover purges old overview, and each
>> entry should have the lowest article number which
>> ovmethod should know when purging overiview data.
>As I wrote, "xover" correctly only shows overview data only for
>one article. ovdb is very nice, but in large parts still mystical
>for me. Is there another way or a tool to check which overview
>data is really stored for a group?

Yes.  Go into the storage/ovdb directory in your INN source tree,
and do "make ovdb".  It will create an "ovdb" executable.  As
the news user, run: ./ovdb -gc <newsgroup>

For example:
prompt$ ./ovdb -gc news.software.nntp
news.software.nntp: groupstats: low: 66024, high: 66582, count: 519, flag: y
news.software.nntp:    counted: low: 66024, high: 66582, count: 519

The "groupstats" line shows what would be returned by a "group" command;
that information is stored in the groupstats database.  For the "counted"
line, it goes into the ovNNNNN file and counts the OV records.  The
two sets of numbers should match.  If they do not, it means the groupstats
database is out of sync with what is actually stored.

You can also use that tool to retrieve overview records directly out
of the database.  For example, this will retrieve all of the records
for news.software.nntp:
   ./ovdb -f 66024 -t 66582 news.software.nntp >output

>BTW, I have "storeonxref" set to "true", could this have some-
>thing to do with it?

Probably not.

>> } System: Linux, timecaf, BerkeleyDB 2.7.7, snapshots as well as the
>> } official release version of 2.3.
>> Have you tried other ovmethods?
>It's a test machine, so I don't mind changing the overview method.
>I'll try tradindexed ...

You could also try using a different storage method to store the
group (instead of timecaf).


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