need help killing overview, getting desperate!

Russ Allbery rra at
Fri Sep 1 22:09:16 UTC 2000

Jon Mansey <jon at> writes:

> OK folks, I need help to fix this finally.
> I built a transit box using the release download of inn2.3.

> I configured inn.conf to not use overviews

> enableoverview:         false
> groupbaseexpiry:        false
> mergetogroups:          false
> overcachesize:          15
> ovgrouppat:
> storeonxref:            false
> useoverchan:            false
> wireformat:             false
> xrefslave:              false

You want wireformat to be true for a transit machine.  You also want to
add noreader: true.

> ovmethod:               tradindexed

You shouldn't need to set ovmethod anywhere at all.

> However, it is still creating stuff in spool/overview and I see this in
> the daily report under timers

> overview write   03:52:08.096  16.1%    1017088    10.162     13.694     27.821

> so it is misbehaving somewhere.

Have you restarted innd since changing inn.conf?  Are you sure it's using
the same inn.conf that you're changing?  Are you sure that the
enableoverview: false line that you have is the only occurance of
enableoverview in inn.conf?

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