need help killing overview, getting desperate!

Jon Mansey jon at
Fri Sep 1 22:39:49 UTC 2000


Thanks for that.

1) from man inn.conf

Storage methods other than tradspool always store articles in wire format.

Im only using cnfs here. Ill set it true anyway.

2) confirmed noreader:               true

3) removed ovmethod from inn.conf

4) issued ctlinnd shutdown, got this response

'ovmethod' must be defined in inn.conf if enableoverview is true

but enableoverview is false. ?????

Upon checking with vi, I find that there is a space after the word 
'false '. I guess the inn.conf parsing code evaluates this to true. 
Seems reasonable ;-)

5) restarted inn, no overviews being written. THANK YOU!

Shouldn't the eval code be fixed to prevent bozos like me from 
getting these headaches?


>Jon Mansey <jon at> writes:
>>  OK folks, I need help to fix this finally.
>>  I built a transit box using the release download of inn2.3.
>>  I configured inn.conf to not use overviews
>>  enableoverview:         false
>>  groupbaseexpiry:        false
>>  mergetogroups:          false
>>  overcachesize:          15
>>  ovgrouppat:
>>  storeonxref:            false
>>  useoverchan:            false
>>  wireformat:             false
>>  xrefslave:              false
>You want wireformat to be true for a transit machine.  You also want to
>add noreader: true.
>>  ovmethod:               tradindexed
>You shouldn't need to set ovmethod anywhere at all.
>>  However, it is still creating stuff in spool/overview and I see this in
>>  the daily report under timers
>>  overview write   03:52:08.096  16.1%    1017088    10.162 
>>13.694     27.821
>>  so it is misbehaving somewhere.
>Have you restarted innd since changing inn.conf?  Are you sure it's using
>the same inn.conf that you're changing?  Are you sure that the
>enableoverview: false line that you have is the only occurance of
>enableoverview in inn.conf?
>Russ Allbery (rra at             <>


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